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Traditionally one of the most difficult and time consuming loans to get approved for at your local bank.  Thanks to technology and new platforms for submissions along with very entrepreneurial bankers, the SBA Express can fund in as little as 7 days.  SBA Express funds up to $150,000 to be used for working capital.  SBA 7a offers collateralized loans of up to $350,000 for equipment, property, working capital and a combination.  Use of funds need to be detailed and the process generally takes longer than the Express.

If you have great credit and own, want to invest or start-up a business but don't have the capital needed, look no further.  You will receive a detailed report on exactly how much funding you can expect before you ever accept a single penny.

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Approvals vary from $2,000-$100,000 dollars depending on current revenue and business debt.  Be prepared with a line of credit for unexpected costs and opportunities before they happen.

Our global network includes Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, Banks, Capital Management Groups, Hedge Funds, Hard Money Lenders, Crowd Funding Lenders, SBA Lenders and many like minded successful entrepreneurs.  With knowledge, personal business experience and proven ways to approach lenders.  We excel at locating the best capital, in exchange for debt, equity or collateral.  Dedicated to constantly expanding our search finding the best lenders.


All Businesses Can Utilize A Rainy Day Fu​nd & Most Businesses Qualify For This Line Of Credit

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